Herringbone Gears

High Class Customized Forging Steel Herringbone Gear

A herringbone gear, a specific type of double helical gear, is a side to side (not face to face) combination of two helical gears of opposite hands. Each helical groove of this gear looks like the letter V, and many together form a herringbone pattern (resembling the bones of a fish such as a herring). Unlike helical gears, herringbone gears do not produce an additional axial load.
Applications of Herringbone gear include transmission of high torque, heavy machinery, gas turbines, heavy-duty vehicles, torque gearboxes, etc. Apart from these, some of the other uses of these Herringbone gears include :

  1. The herringbone gears are used in the torque gearbox.
  2. Used in a steam turbine to marine propulsion.
  3. It is used in roller shafts in steel mills.

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According to the customer’s drawings, we can produce large forging, casting, and welding gears. According to the working conditions and clients’ requests, we also can do gear grinding, surface hardening, cemented and quenching, Nitriding, quenching, etc. Some primary production processes for OEM CNC Machining Double Large Diameter Helical Herringbone Tooth Gear large Herringbone gear.

(1) Rough machining 
Quality of the forging blanks is the first step and primary process of the product’s quality. All of our products are produced by high-quality ingots.
(2) Heat Treatment

>Heat Treatment–quenching and tempering to guarantee the total hardness.

>We also can do surface hardening and carburizing to improve the surface hardness according to the customer’s drawing.
(3) Machining and gear hobbing.
We can produce precision steel forging long spur, helical, and herringbone. According to gear hobbling, gear milling satisfies the customer’s requirements.
Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
Forging, Casting, and Welding
Module of Gear
Gear Grinding
MAX Module 25
Diameter of Gear Wheel :
MAX 13 000 mm
Diameter of Spiral Gear :
MAX . 2 200 mm
Length of Gear Shaft :
MAX 5 000 mm
Segments Gear Offered :
2parts,4parts,8parts,12parts or as customer requirement
Heat Treatment
Gear Teeth treatment
Surface hardening cemented and quenching